Ogel Arctic
Ogel Arctic







The ruthless villain of the series. He has been the main villain in each year of the series, constantly coming up with schemes to defeat Alpha Team. His first plot was to use Mind Control Orbs to turn regular people into mindless skeleton-like Drones. These Drones were reverted to normal when the Orbs were destroyed. Ogel returned the following year with a new plan to use mutated sea creatures to control the world's oceans. That plan was thwarted when Dash Justice reversed the controls to the Orb making machine. Ogel's underwater base was destroyed, but Ogel escaped before it exploded. His most recent plan for domination was freezing the world with new Ice Orbs that could freeze anything. His plan succeeded, but he was then stopped by special agent Zed in his Blizzard Blaster. He also used to be in love with Radia.

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